How does your company know so much about the competitive VetericynVF® products?2018-03-02T19:49:47+00:00

We were the original manufacturer of Vetericyn® and VetericynVF® products, having licensed the technology to a small California company.  However, after manufacturing for nearly eight years, our Vetericyn partner decided to remove the Microcyn® Technology in favor of a lower cost HOCl.  At that point in 2014, we heard from the market loud and clear—they still desired a safe product that would deliver the results they originally experienced.  To that end, we introduced the first consumer MicrocynAH® products in early 2015 and then commercialized the vet-strength MicrocynVS® in 2018.

What is the difference in FAC (free available chlorine) between the competitive products and the MicrocynVS® products?2018-03-02T19:49:04+00:00

MicrocynVS® products are manufactured with an FAC level of 190 ppm, whereas other animal HOCl-based products are manufactured at a lower FAC level

Must I prevent the MicrocynVS® from freezing?2018-03-02T19:48:32+00:00

This was at one time a significant issue.  However, with this new third-generation Microcyn® Technology, fully freezing the liquid products will reduce their FAC (free available chlorine) by approximately 7%.  In that instance, MicrocynVS®, once thawed, remains highly efficacious. The gel products are similar in terms of FAC reduction, however once liquified, they will not return to their gel state, but maintain an efficacious level of FAC.

Does MicrocynVS® support the ‘Fear-Free Initiative’?2018-03-02T19:47:58+00:00

MicrocynVS® products are specifically designed with a higher salt content (osmalarity) comparable to that of mammalian tissue, thus reducing the need for the body to balance salt levels when applied to mucous tissues or open wounds.  This process oftentimes causes burning or stinging. MicrocynVS® helps remove ‘pet’ from ‘petrified’ and provides for a more compliant and happy patient.

How does the MicrocynVS® Hot Spot and Anti-Itch Spray Gel with Dimethicone differ from other hot spot products on the market?2018-03-02T19:47:28+00:00

Besides being highly efficacious, MicrocynVS® Hot Spot Spray is the ONLY animal healthcare product on the market that blends the proprietary Microcyn® hypochlorous acid with the FDA-approved dimethicone skin protectant.  This hybrid product is second to none!

Are there any special handling requirements when disposing of MicrocynVS®?2018-03-02T19:46:54+00:00

None. MicrocynVS® is safe for the animal, user and environment.  No special handling or disposal considerations are required.

Is MicrocynVS® safe to use on pregnant animals?2018-03-02T19:46:19+00:00

There have been no reported issues with the use of MicrocynVS® on pregnant or breeding animals.

Is MicrocynVS® safe to use on young, old or debilitated animals?2018-03-02T19:45:46+00:00

Absolutely.  There have been no issues when treating newborns, elderly or even debilitated animals.  Safe to use on all animal species no matter the age.

How frequently can MicrocynVS® be applied?2018-03-02T19:45:08+00:00

Since MicrocynVS® is non-toxic and safe as saline, it can be applied repeatedly during the day—five or six times if necessary—depending on the severity of the wound or infection.  This is very important when dealing with highly infected wounds that present with significant necrotic tissue.

What are the advantages of MicrocynVS® over other wound and skin care products?2018-03-02T19:44:37+00:00

Validated by genuine science (not just marketing mumble-jumble) with over 40 studies confirming both the safety and efficacy of Microcyn®-based products, MicrocynVS® antimicrobial products are the latest advance in hypochlorous acid technology, delivering consistent and measurable results. Since the introduction of the Microcyn®-based human and animal products nearly a decade ago, there has not been a SINGLE report of a serious adverse effect.

What are some traditional animal healthcare issues that can be resolved with MicrocynVS® products?2018-03-02T19:44:03+00:00
  • Acute and chronic wounds
  • Partial- and full-thickness wounds
  • Stage I-IV pressure injuries
  • Pre- and post-surgical procedures
  • Dermatoses
  • Urine and fecal scalding
  • Hot spots
  • Trauma wounds
  • 1st– and 2nd-degree burns
  • Abrasions and minor irritations of the skin
  • Eye infections including conjunctivitis
  • Ear infections
What is the pH of MicrocynVS®?2018-03-02T19:42:29+00:00

Our MicrocynVS® products are maintained in the pH range of 4-6 to assure that the chlorine is 100% in the form of HOCl.  This is also the optimum pH range for stability of HOCl solutions.  Safety testing has shown that this pH range is safe for use.  Finally, as HOCl is 80-100 times more antimicrobial than hypochlorite, it is important to keep the product under pH 6 so it maintains its highest degree of efficacy against microorganisms.

What are the key advantages of MicrocynVS®?2018-03-02T19:18:20+00:00
  • Effective in wound bed preparation
  • Safe for irrigation in wound cavities, even with tunneling/undermining wounds
  • Debrides both eschar and slough tissue
  • Aids in autolytic debridement
  • Helps to reduce wound and skin odor
  • Relieves itch and pain of dermal tissues
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-flammable
  • No special disposal requirements
  • Contains no steroids or antibiotics
What is the active ingredient in MicrocynVS® vet-strength formulation?2018-03-02T19:17:41+00:00

The active ingredient in the MicrocynVS® solutions is 100% hypochlorous acid or HOCl.  MicrocynVS® is the ONLY 100% strength HOCl solution available in the veterinarian market.